Hello, it's been a while!

Los Angeles has a way of turning you inside out.

I arrived here in 2005 to attend music school, but it was too much to do with my nursing career, ... (working 12 hour night shifts in the ICU); so I tried to absorb musical knowledge from the talented people around me and did as much self teaching as possible.  I took myself to song writing workshops. The result was a novice EP, (Songs From a Hollywood Loft), ... recorded with absolutely no experience in 2014.  

My feeling is that I can write and sing much better now, but have not had time or the money it takes to record what I have sitting in dormant files on my mac.  The thing about song writing is that the craft has no expiration date.  You can write beautiful songs until you're 80 years old and keep creating music for others to sing. I have no regrets because I took the plunge, spent the money, made the mistakes, and was brave enough to get up on stage a handful of times in a town full of extremely talented people.  I fell in love and it fell apart.  What a journey!

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